The ultimate holiday home? A $100 million private island in the Bahamas that starred in James Bond and Pirates of the Caribbean

Stretches of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a typical Caribbean climate and backdrop make the Little Pipe Cay sale in Exumas an incredibly tempting sale.

I can’t imagine anyone turning down the chance to own Little Pipe Cay. Leaving aside the $100 million asking price at the moment (around £79.3 million at the time of writing), this incredibly luxurious private island is what tropical dreams are made of.

Its 40 acres of white sand beaches and sandbars, turquoise waters and luscious green jungles make this island worthy of its title of “pearl in the crown of Exuma”.

Much of the island has been left untouched and remains in its natural state as much as possible, as it is home to many exotic wildlife and plants. It’s also the playground for all kinds of water and sea sports, whether it’s shallow water kayaking, reef snorkeling or sunset jet skiing.

Its entry into the international premium real estate market through Engel & Völkers is sure to generate excitement among those currently in the tropical private island market.

Part of the Exuma archipelago, the island is a luxury resort with five residences, a spa, an Olympic-length infinity pool and a superyacht mooring.

The main residence is a 5,000 sq. feet, around which are four guest houses connected by romantic winding paths.

Handy, as the new owners will no doubt be inundated with eager guests eager to experience first hand the luxury of staying on a tropical private island that most of us can only dream of or write about.

New owners can also rent a luxury resort, with current rates falling anywhere between $75,000-$95,000 (roughly £60,000-75,000) per night (yes, you read that right), depending on the season.

In total, the house has 11 bedrooms, and its living area is 22,000 square meters. ft. Each of the cottages is fully equipped and self-contained, “providing the highest level of privacy and comfort,” the agents say.

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Also included in the sale are staff housing and 24-hour security.

And for those who are wondering how to get to their dream home, why not take a helicopter? After all, there is a private helipad. Or, if you prefer to travel by sea, a private deep water dock (a rarity in these parts) can accommodate superyachts.

An extended mooring berth means there is plenty of room for boats of all sizes, and a seaplane berth also allows owners and guests to arrive both by air and sea at their leisure.

The Exuma archipelago is located about 70 miles southeast of Nassau and consists of 365 islands. The perfect combination of complete seclusion and pristine natural beauty makes the region popular with tourists and those seeking an escape from life in the spotlight.

Johnny Depp, Tyler Perry and a number of other prominent public figures are reported to own private islands near Little Pipe Cay.

Although the market for private islands is relatively small, Colin Lightbourne of Engel & Völkers points out that demand for them has grown in recent years as a result of the pandemic and political uncertainty as buyers prioritize privacy and well-being among other things.

So, if you have $100 million to spend and dream of escaping to your own tropical paradise, then look no further than Little Pipe Cay: “the epitome of private island life.”

Little Pipe Cay is currently on sale through Engel & Völkers for $100m or approximately £79.9m – see more photos or contact an agent for more information.

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