The beautiful treehouses of Callow Hall: ‘The setting is so spectacular that it was important nothing detracted from that’

Isabella Worsley has designed the interiors of the tree houses on the grounds of Callow Hall in Derbyshire, which are in harmony with the environment.

Inchbold-trained interior designer Isabella Worsley worked in tandem with Blue Forest, a treehouse specialist, on the project. It is one of many such structures on the grounds of Callow Hall, a 15-bedroom hotel near Ashbourne in Derbyshire.

“The setting in the ancient forest behind the hotel is magical, especially in the spring when bluebell carpets are downstairs,” says the designer.

“The interiors are lined with wooden boards. They are all different, but they all share a common theme: the use of natural materials such as wool and linen, as well as natural and naturalistic color palettes.”

A gnarled wood backdrop, which gives the space a delightful patina, sets off the headboard, which is covered with a wool strip.

While exploring various style options, the idea of ​​gypsy folklore and storytelling seemed like a suitable theme for the designer. She enlisted the help of decorator Tess Newall, and together they agreed to bring elements of Swedish folklore into the rooms. The artist painted stenciled patterns around the window and cabinet trims, allowing the textured grain to show through and adding whimsical, hand-painted patterns.

“They fill the interiors with history,” says Ms. Worsley. “What I really wanted to avoid was imitation or anything overpowering; the setting is so impressive that it was important that nothing distract from it.”

To learn more:

Isabella Worsley –
Callow Hall, Derbyshire – 01335 300900;
Blue forest – 01892 750090;

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