Redefining the luxury kitchen: Reader event with Martin Moore and Henry Prideaux

On June 13, Country Life will offer readers an exclusive opportunity to experience the exciting collaboration between Martin Moore, a leader in luxury British cuisine, and pioneering designer Henry Prideaux, at an unmissable evening at WOW!house this year.

When Martin Moore first launched the New Deco kitchen in 2018, she redefined the kitchen, elevating the purely functional part of the home with a breathtaking combination of creative design, beautiful materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

“I created New Deco to encourage fresh design ideas for contemporary kitchens and living spaces,” says Richard Moore, design director at the company that has led luxury British kitchens for nearly 50 years. Beautiful materials such as metallics, porcelain and rare stones ensure that this is truly one of a kind.

Next month, Country Life and Martin Moore will offer readers the chance to see the New Deco kitchen brought to life through an exciting collaboration with interior designer Henry Prideaux.

Together they created a creative space at the WOW!house Chelsea Harbor Design Center that combines the demands of a luxurious modern kitchen with the glamor that innovative interior design has to offer. The custom furniture from the New Deco collection was adorned with glamorous wall coverings, a gold leaf ceiling, sumptuous velvets as well as sumptuous effect lighting, all commissioned by several bespoke craftsmen.

“Anyone who appreciates luxury, elegance and quality craftsmanship, with a sense of frivolity and a love of entertainment, will love this kitchen,” says Mr. Prideaux.

Martin Moore event

Tuesday, June 13, 18:30-20:30

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbor, Loths Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0XE.

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£20. 50% of proceeds will be donated to TP Caring Spaces, WOW!house’s official charity this year.

general information After hours, guests can enjoy a guided tour of the WOW!house followed by a drink reception where Henry Prideaux discusses Martin Moore’s New Deco kitchen and interior design scheme with Country Life Executive Editor Giles Kim. There will also be an opportunity to speak with Martin Moore’s design team about all aspects of kitchen design.

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More about WOW!house 2023

WOW!house will be open from June 5th to July 6th. This is a unique design showcase built on Design Avenue at the Design Center at Chelsea Harbor. This annual event is an impressive and immersive design event featuring 18 full-sized rooms, each designed by world-class interior designers, for visitors to explore, enjoy and find the ultimate inspiration. Visit the WOW!house website for more information.

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