How to fold a napkin rose at Christmas: A step-by-step guide

A beautifully folded napkin is the perfect way to complete your holiday table setting. Here’s how to fold a rose napkin.

1. Rotate the square napkin on the table 90˚ so that it looks like a diamond.

2. Fold one corner into the center of the diamond to make a smaller square. Then rotate this square 90 degrees so that it looks like a diamond again.

3. Repeat the process of folding the corner points into the center of the diamond, again creating a smaller square.

4. Repeat this process one more time to make the fourth smaller square.

5. Holding all four corners with your finger, carefully turn the folded square upside down. Then repeat the process of folding the corners towards the middle on this inverted square.

6. The finished square will be much smaller than the original napkin. Raise the square, keeping all the fold points in the center of the fold, using the thumb on top and the index or middle finger on the bottom.

7. Gently pull the dot from the center of the bottom of the folded napkin so that it runs from back to front, where it resembles a rabbit ear or a long, curved petal.

8. Do this with all four fold points until you get a symmetrical four-petal flower. It should now be possible to remove the thumb and fingers from the center fold points.

9. Turn the folded napkin upside down. Gently pull the next four fold points from the center to create four more petals.

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10. Repeat one last time to create the last four petals. The result is a 12-petal cup-shaped flower.

Inspirational table setting ideas this season, chosen by Amelia Thorpe.

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