Drummonds bathrooms: 35 years of timeless luxury

Drummonds has reimagined classic bathrooms with a consistent focus on the highest levels of craftsmanship, design and detailing, and a winning mix of the best of old and new.

In the late 1980s, Drummond Shaw, the founder of Drummonds, was working as a commodity broker restoring a country house and had a hard time finding quality classic hardware. In 1988, he decided to quit his job, swap his Porsche for a forklift, and set up a land reclamation site. Driven by the growing demand, he turned to the production of high quality classic sanitary ware.

Today, Drummonds has showrooms in London and New York and collaborates with some of the world’s leading designers including Martin Brudnicki, Susie Atkinson and Marc Newson.

A new range of lights designed by Susie Hoodless will be launched this spring, and in June Drummonds will be collaborating with Barlow and Barlow in a room at the WOW! at the Chelsea Harbor Design Center in London. Drummonds bathrooms are found in castles and palaces around the world, as well as historic homes such as St Giles House in Dorset and London’s legendary Annabel’s.

Graceful: Embellished with Nero Portoro marble, this striking Ladybower dressing table by Martin Brudnicki is a contemporary design statement.

The Best of Old and New

Drummonds is driven by the belief that its products should be fun to use, beautiful and timeless, and durable. The classic appearance of its design is combined with cutting-edge technology – the company is constantly improving both form and function.

A growing presence in the US has prompted a greater focus on water-saving technologies, and collaborations with designers such as Marc Newson are giving products a modern look.

Avon bathtub with painted front.

Beauty is in the details

The work of the human hand creates characteristics that can never be achieved in a mechanized process. One such is the lost wax technique, which has been used to make highly detailed artifacts such as jewelry since the 5th century BC, enhanced by the painstaking process of hand polishing and finishing. The finish of Drummonds ages over time to develop a beautiful patina, and the enamelling process of their bathtubs means they will last a lifetime.

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Longevity Benefits

The company believes that their range will become a classic tomorrow. This is both environmentally and financially beneficial: some Drummonds customers take their bathrooms with them when they move.

For more information visit www.drummonds-uk.com or call 020-7376 4499.

James Lenten of Drummonds spoke with Giles Kim of Country Life about how his company creates bathtubs that last for years to come.

Giles Kime marvels at the stripped-down space topped with an antique marble bathtub that sets the tone.

“Modern bathroom design threw the baby out with the water,” says Giles Kime, “but the classic fittings we used

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